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Main stage

Fléda opens


Official start - Adam Zbiejczuk presents BabelCamp


Pavel Cyprich

The new version of 10.00

Ondřej Nečas

Social experience and Mobile Apps: New hope or phantom menace? 10.30

Mariann Forgács

Social Media in Hungary 2014 11.10

Chris Lee

We are all journalists now 11.40

Josef Šlerka

Matthew effect in social media 12.20

Maja Bilic

Using new technologies for making sparkling campaigns 13.00

Albert Hupa

Culinary potential in social media - who, what, when and how looks for or discuss recipes in the internet 13.40

Peter Podolinský

News from Facebook 14.10

Pavlína Kvapilová

Revolution in Journalism caused by social media. 14.40

Michael Kamleitner

So you want to quit Facebook? 15.20

Hubert Tworkowski

How technology and algorithms changed us and our lives? 15.50

Alžběta Matějů

What I have learned about crisis communication from my relationships 16.20

Karel Tlusťák

How Facebook can bring significant ROI to e-commerce clients 16.50

Michal Pastier

I am what I share 17.20

Winner of contest announced


Workshops A

Jenda Perla

How to explain online social networks in small companies and plan content for them 10.30

Jan Suda

Launching a new campaign 12.15

Pavel Drška

Build and monetize social promotions with Tabfoundry 14.00

Josipa Racic

Generating quality leads with low budget campaigns 15.45

Workshops B

Zdeněk Linc

Performance Facebook Advertising 10.30

Jakub Zachnik

How to boost your B2C sales on Facebook and other social media? 12.15

Adam Špina

Best Social Media Guy Wanted 14.00

Michal Hanych

Tax avoidance for beginners 15.45


From 8 PM the after-party starts: open to everyone, free for BabelCampers, 50 CZK for others. Join us for drinks, networking and fun :)

20:00 Peter Pea
Local legend and a man who started – a multitalented performer!

21:40 “Zprdeleslajdy” (Parlour Game)
You have five minutes to speak on a topic, you did not know before – with slides you have not seen before. Social Media Edition.

22:30 DayD
Some Electro Swing served by a young DJ, member of the Electro Swing Bohemia label run by famous Malalata DJs.

01:00 Kema
Some deephouse to start chillin'!


Using new technologies for making sparkling campaigns

Main stage at 13.00 jump to the slot

Technology and marketing have never been closer. During the digital age of marketing the importance of choosing the right technology for building the campaign proves itself as one of the most important decisions. This talk will cover the newest trends in building digital campaigns and present a showcase of successful projects.

Maja Bilic

The new version of

Main stage at 10.00 jump to the slot

Pavel is the new editor-in-chief of – the main news site about social media in Czech Republic. Pavel will present the plans and he is also looking for people willing to contribute to the new, richer content of TyInternety.

Pavel Cyprich

The new editor-in-chief of, the most visited Czech on-line source of social media news. Bringing in a plenty of experience from Czech Radio and Czech Television.

Build and monetize social promotions with Tabfoundry

Workshops A at 14.00 jump to the slot

Get your hands on building engaging and viral social promotions. We’ll show you how to triple the organic reach, how to launch viral quizzes, games or photo contests while collecting e-mail leads and new valuable fans. We’ll teach you how to collect and directly monetize Custom Audience from the promotion entries and visitors.

Register here:

Pavel Drška

Social media specialist and project manager at Bioport agency, digital marketing freelancer, lector and start-uper. Cooperating with Tabfoundry – a free visual promotion builder.

Social Media in Hungary 2014

Main stage at 11.10 jump to the slot

How much social media is necessary in a country, where a successful social network was already working two years before Facebook started? How open are the Hungarians to international social channels? What success stories and local specialties or tricks are in a country, where there is already the ‘Facebook tax’?

Mariann Forgács

Founder and CEO of Be Social, one of the leading social media agencies in Hungary.

Tax avoidance for beginners

Workshops B at 15.45 jump to the slot

Do you want to know how to solve tax trouble in marketing and adverts better than your tax advisor? Can you deal with all the damn tax rules for adverts on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or AdSense? Come to this workshop to find out more. Only thing you need is to solemnly swear that you are up to no good ;) Note: Workshop will be held in Czech

Register here:

Michal Hanych

Lawyer, accountant and TEDx Kromeriz organizer, founder of SimpleTax Michal helps start-ups and social media people not to get lost when dealing with bureaucracy of the state. He will guide you through taxes and other important paperwork :)

Culinary potential in social media - who, what, when and how looks for or discuss recipes in the internet

Main stage at 13.40 jump to the slot

Recipe websites and tablets in our kitchens have become one of the most visible digital customs among common users. Also, there is emerging market of online FMCG stores, both in mature and emerging markets. In our presentation we will cover the most important outcomes from the research performed among Poles and Czechs in 2014 regarding the issue on how digital channels affect culinary behavior. We will present the information on: how Social Media affects cooking and eating, what are the most important sources of recipes in social media, who are the people who already use mobile solutions for FMCG and buy FMCG products online.

Albert Hupa

Head of the digital research company IRCenter specializing in delivering marketing intelligence. Specialist in FMCG, finance and technology sectors. Academically interested in social networks and data intelligence.

So you want to quit Facebook?

Main stage at 15.20 jump to the slot

Secret Weapons for effective Facebook Marketing & why we believe now's the time to double-down.

Michael Kamleitner

Founder and CEO of Die Socialisten, a leading social media agency (PMD) in Austria, creator of and tools, ex-DJ.

Revolution in Journalism caused by social media.

Main stage at 14.40 jump to the slot

Positive and negative effects. Latest trends, analysis.

Pavlína Kvapilová

Former Director of New Media Division at Czech Televsion, created a lot of new media formats connected with the TV broadcast such as an interactive prime-time show Hyde Park CT24. She has a long term interest in new trends in journalism.

We are all journalists now

Main stage at 11.40 jump to the slot

In the fast-emerging, highly-fragmented, multi-channel, multi-screen world of 2014 the onus has been firmly placed on publishers and brands alike to produce relevant, high-quality content. It’s what people want, it’s what people share.

Online influencers are desperate for rich – preferably unique – content. This means that PRs need to think, create and structure their teams like editorial teams. This affects the content we create, the way we write (for both human audiences and search engines), how we react (quickly) to events, and the customer journey we try to influence.

Chris Lee

Head of Digital Knowledge at Grayling, a regular Econsultancy contributor and a blogger – Chris will talk about the way PR has changed and why ‘brand storytelling’ plays such an important role in on-line marketing.

Performance Facebook Advertising

Workshops B at 10.30 jump to the slot

Basic requirements on how to run performance oriented Facebook Ads, things you should look after and beware of, how to do performance advertising and some practical examples.

Register here:

Zdeněk Linc

Marketing specialist at Slevomat. Responsible for making money out of Facebook and few other things.

What I have learned about crisis communication from my relationships

Main stage at 16.20 jump to the slot

What is the relation between relationships and crisis communication in social media? Are there any rules that should be known by every social media manager backwards and forwards? Could any of your favorite brands be an inspiration in crisis communication to you? Through relationship parallel, we will demonstrate that you already know everything about how to lead your brand in impending or ongoing crisis.

Alžběta Matějů

Online marketing consultant at and a former Ogilvy Account Manager is focused on connecting SEO and Social Media especially when it comes to taking care of crisis communication across all the channels and media types.

Social experience and Mobile Apps: New hope or phantom menace?

Main stage at 10.30 jump to the slot

A few years ago the issue was effective connection between online and offline communication. With the expansion of smartphones the mobile fully entered the scene and is changing the experience of both businesses and users. How to connect online and offline via mobile? Why mobile (micro) social networks work? How interaction creates content? What are the pros and cons of using mobile social media elements for marketing purposes? Let’s explore parallel mobile worlds coexisting with the real one and also have a little look at their future with the question: is today’s digital tomorrow’s real?

Ondřej Nečas

Consultant at PRIA with previous experience from PR.Konektor and HAVAS PR specialized in connection between soc. media & other communication channels, including real world experience. Content believer and ethusiast for mobile social platforms.

I am what I share

Main stage at 17.20 jump to the slot

Why communication based on cultural insight works more effectively than on product benefit? Real case studies – unreal results.

Michal Pastier

Group Creative Director at Zaraguza and BigNameTheory. Michal won more than 100 creative awards and his agency was featured in Wired, AdWeek, TechCrunch… Zaraguza is the only agency in our region awarded with Facebook Studio Award.

How to explain online social networks in small companies and plan content for them

Workshops A at 10.30 jump to the slot

Lately there are a lot of small companies trying to improve their online social networks presence. They pay for trainings, hire freelancers. This is something what I see on the Czech social media marketing market. But the owners of these companies usualy don't understand how social networks work and their reason for starting social media communication is something like this: “Johnny from neighboring town already has the Facebook Page for his business.” This attitude is usualy the reason why small companies invest no money and time to their communication. How you can explain to these entrepreneurs the sense of social networks and convince them to use it proper way? How to explain them the importance of online customers? And how to prepare content for these companies? These are the topics of my workshop.

Register here:

Jenda Perla

Social Media Maniac – after gaining experience in OgilvyInteractive he became a freelancer. He was involved in the Czech Greens party on-line part of campaign and he is often helping NGOs with social media (and also many corporate clients and agencies).

News from Facebook

Main stage at 14.10 jump to the slot

Peter is the Client Partner in Facebook for Czech Republic and Slovakia. He will present the latest trends and news that Facebook believe can help companies to get the most of the platform. What works and where should your focus go?

Peter Podolinský

Client partner for Czech Republic and Slovakia in Facebook. Helping clients to use the platform in the most effcient way. 20 years experience in traditional advertising, digital and branding agencies. Also a passionate photographer.

Generating quality leads with low budget campaigns

Workshops A at 15.45 jump to the slot

No matter what kind of marketing activities your brand has, it all comes down to analyzing sales results while aspiring to create optimized and successful campaigns. It's all sparking and great if you're a big brand with big budgets, but what if we told you it can be the same for the small ones? Is there life between big expensive campaigns and can a little one squeeze through? We want to share our success stories with you, we want to show you how to continuously entertain fans, easily collect leads, convert them to customers and boost sales with low budget campaigns.

Register here:

Josipa Racic

Launching a new campaign

Workshops A at 12.15 jump to the slot
  • based on experiences and results of similar case study, we will design the launch of the new trend in the world of beauty – Babel cream!
  • in this workshop, you can be the communication architect and build your own strategy using the latest social media commercial techniques
  • at the same time, we will help you to raise your head from the social media and implement it into bigger picture of digital media channels
  • we will go through the hottest possibilities of communication in digital media and we will talk about how they can be used in reality
  • lets recognize what is a buzzword and what can be really effective instead

Register here:

Jan Suda

One of the first on-line media planners in Czech with more than 13 years of experience, he´s now an Interaction Director at /Group M and ready to rock your social media waters with his workshop.

Matthew effect in social media

Main stage at 12.20 jump to the slot

We will talk mainly about the fact, that biblical “Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.” is valid on social media even more than you may think.

Josef Šlerka

Head of New Media Studies Charles University and Head od R&D at Socialbakers – also creator of & (Czech Twitter and Instagram archives and search engines) and Social Insider (social media monitoring tool).

Best Social Media Guy Wanted

Workshops B at 14.00 jump to the slot

Social media people ought to be versatile. Proactive. Creative. Responsible. The question is how to find a person that would fit all these criteria… And many more demands you may have according to what you need to tell the world. This workshop will show you how to find the right guy to meet your expectations – no matter if you are a company, an agency or a freelancer.

PS: creative brainstorming methods included!

Register here:

Adam Špina

Strategy Planner overlooking social media projects at Triad Advertising in Prague, full service agency with strong passion for social media and digital.

How Facebook can bring significant ROI to e-commerce clients

Main stage at 16.50 jump to the slot

Lets take a look at performance marketing done right. Karel is a creator of ROI Hunter, a tool to connect FB Ads, Google Analytics and XML feed. The new FB Ads PMD will show case studies to prove that FB can beat Google in conversions, scale the traffic and boost ROI.

Karel Tlusťák

Founder and CEO of Business Factory, the company behind ROI Hunter – a Facebook Ads platform that integrates FB Ads, Google Analytics and XML feed for e-commerce clients.

How technology and algorithms changed us and our lives?

Main stage at 15.50 jump to the slot

New technologies have been helping us for years. Nowadays, we are paying more and more attention to their development and to the way they can improve our lives. However, with the rapid growth of new technologies, we started to forget elements of human behaviour. Algorithms not only help us in our daily work, but now they can even replace us. Sci-fi is starting to become real, we are living together with cyborgs..

Hubert Tworkowski

Head of Sales at SoTrender, showing the companies how to use the big data and social media to support their business goals. Where corporate meets academic research and data get not only monitored, but interpreted and implemented.

How to boost your B2C sales on Facebook and other social media?

Workshops B at 12.15 jump to the slot

Turn your followers into a sales force. A workshop showing opportunities and our experience with a brand new tool / platform: The Real Deal.

Register here:

Jakub Zachnik

New content manager in Polish startup Realdeal. Enthusiast of new technologies, startups and social media. A blogger and front-end freelancer.