Peter Podolinský

Client partner for Czech Republic and Slovakia in Facebook. Helping clients to use the platform in the most effcient way. 20 years experience in traditional advertising, digital and branding agencies. Also a passionate photographer.

Facebook - the path to growth

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Josef Šlerka

Head of New Media Studies Charles University and Head od R&D at Socialbakers – also creator of Klaboseni.cz & Obrazeni.cz (Czech Twitter and Instagram archives and search engines) and Social Insider (social media monitoring tool).

Ways to understand fans II. - Facebook

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Chris Lee

Head of Digital Knowledge at Grayling, a regular Econsultancy contributor and a blogger – Chris will talk about the way PR has changed and why ‘brand storytelling’ plays such an important role in on-line marketing.

Michael Kamleitner

Founder and CEO of Die Socialisten, a leading social media agency (PMD) in Austria, creator of Walls.io and Swat.io tools, ex-DJ.

So you want to quit Facebook?

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Karel Tlusťák

Founder and CEO of Business Factory, the company behind ROI Hunter – a Facebook Ads platform that integrates FB Ads, Google Analytics and XML feed for e-commerce clients.

How Facebook can bring significant ROI to e-commerce clients

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Mariann Forgács

Founder and CEO of Be Social, one of the leading social media agencies in Hungary.

Maja Bilić

Leading project manager in performance oriented digital marketing agency Degordian. She is responsible for taking care of client projects and production team especially when it comes to using new and creative technologies.

Using new technologies for making sparkling campaigns

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Albert Hupa

Head of the digital research company IRCenter specializing in delivering marketing intelligence. Specialist in FMCG, finance and technology sectors. Academically interested in social networks and data intelligence.

Impact of digital on cooking and eating preferences

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Michal Pastier

Group Creative Director at Zaraguza and BigNameTheory. Michal won more than 100 creative awards and his agency was featured in Wired, AdWeek, TechCrunch… Zaraguza is the only agency in our region awarded with Facebook Studio Award.

I am what I share

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Pavlína Kvapilová

Former Director of New Media Division at Czech Televsion, created a lot of new media formats connected with the TV broadcast such as an interactive prime-time show Hyde Park CT24. She has a long term interest in new trends in journalism.

Alžběta Matějů

Online marketing consultant at H1.cz and a former Ogilvy Account Manager is focused on connecting SEO and Social Media especially when it comes to taking care of crisis communication across all the channels and media types.

What have I learned about crisis communication from my relationships

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Hubert Tworkowski

Head of Sales at SoTrender, showing the companies how to use the big data and social media to support their business goals. Where corporate meets academic research and data get not only monitored, but interpreted and implemented.

Ondřej Nečas

Consultant at PRIA with previous experience from PR.Konektor and HAVAS PR specialized in connection between soc. media & other communication channels, including real world experience. Content believer and ethusiast for mobile social platforms.

Pavel Cyprich

The new editor-in-chief of Tyinternety.cz, the most visited Czech on-line source of social media news. Bringing in a plenty of experience from Czech Radio and Czech Television.

The new TyInternety.cz

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Zdeněk Linc

Marketing specialist at Slevomat. Responsible for making money out of Facebook and few other things.

Jakub Zachnik

New content manager in Polish startup Realdeal. Enthusiast of new technologies, startups and social media. A blogger and front-end freelancer.

Jan Suda

One of the first on-line media planners in Czech with more than 13 years of experience, he´s now an Interaction Director at H1.cz /Group M and ready to rock your social media waters with his workshop.

Jenda Perla

Social Media Maniac – after gaining experience in OgilvyInteractive he became a freelancer. He was involved in the Czech Greens party on-line part of campaign and he is often helping NGOs with social media (and also many corporate clients and agencies).

Michal Hanych

Lawyer, accountant and TEDx Kromeriz organizer, founder of SimpleTax Michal helps start-ups and social media people not to get lost when dealing with bureaucracy of the state. He will guide you through taxes and other important paperwork :)

Josipa Račić

Product manager of a global project Socialpuzzle, set of apps of Facebook pages. She is focused on creating unique products and experience for small business.

Pavel Drška

Social media specialist and project manager at Bioport agency, digital marketing freelancer, lector and start-uper. Cooperating with Tabfoundry – a free visual promotion builder.

Adam Špina

Strategy Planner overlooking social media projects at Triad Advertising in Prague, full service agency with strong passion for social media and digital.


Belinda Filippelli

Last year a speaker, this year a moderator! Social media obsessed founder of GoViral.cz and Co-Founder of Outbounding.org. Originally from NYC, she’s lived in Mexico, Thailand, Switzerland and Russia before calling Prague home.

Nikoloz Bolkvadze

Nick is a PR & communications consultant helping companies or individuals to develop their brand and outreach. His previous position at Leaders Magazine enabled him to build relationships within the Prague Business community at a senior level.


Fléda Club
Štefánikova 24, Brno
Czech Republic

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How to get to Brno?

Brno is set in a convenient location - no more than 8 hours by train or bus from all capitals around! Bratislava - 1,5h, Vienna - 2h, Prague - 2.5h, Budapest - 4h, Krakow - 5h, Munich - 7h, Berlin - 7.5h, Warsaw - 7.5h, Ljubljana - 8h, Zagreb - 8h.
And of course you get even faster by car! There are also regular flights to London, Eindhoven and Moscow.
See more information here www.brno.me/info.html

Enjoy Brno like a local

Get a great city guide from our friend and avoid tourist traps, boring places and bad restaurants. www.brnonow.com

5 other reasons to come

1Watch & Learn

It’s good to know each other - meet your fellow colleagues, get some inspiration from their case studies, fail stories or smart observations. If presentations are not enough, catch your seat in some of the workshop we prepare!

2Meet new peers

Barcamps are about networking. Tired of your usual events where you know everybody? Meet some new people from other countries and get some link juice for your LinkedIn profile. We’ll have some gamification mechanics for those shy too - and this time your Klout score can bring you some perks for real!

3Show off

Bring some of your cool stuff: as we like the DIY / barcamp spirit, we want you to have the chance to announce cool stuff or super news to a large crowd :)

4We did it

Last year it was the first year. We hopefully learned a lot and we try to be better - and we believe it was a really nice time we and you had together in 2013. This time with tickets - for a price of couple of drinks, just 4€.

5Have fun

We suggest you to stay for Saturday evening, since there will be an awesome afterparty - music, drinks, raffle - or you can explore the city nightlife with your new friends. The catering will be prepared by winners of Brno Street Food Festival and there will be some more cool stuff going on around Babel Camp too.

Any questions? Feel free to contact Adam via e-mail adam@zbiejczuk.com or call him at +420 736 779 920.